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Create your Willmaker's Register Online
  • Quick & Easy – you can create your Register right now
  • Save Money
  • Convenient 24 hour access
  • No hassles – no appointments
  • Fully interactive wizard guides you
  • Netbanking strength security
Willmaker's Register

$9.95 incl. GST

The Willmaker’s Register allows you to state in writing all of your assets and personal details in one concise document.  The document is produced in WORD so that you can complete it offline, if you prefer.  It also means you can use it over and over as your circumstances change.  Having this document kept alongside your Will saves your loved ones potentially thousands of dollars in legal fees, and helps them to know all of your assets and where they are.

FREE Test Drive

Follow the link to our DIY Will to get a quick overview of our award winning service and see how easy it is.  


Included in Price

  • Willmaker's Register in WORD format
  • Software Support

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What's Involved

It's very simple.

  1. Click on the begin button

  2. Register

  3. Accept the Terms and Conditions

  4. Pay the fee – you can pay online or by phone/fax

  5. You are then taken directly into the service

  6. Do as much as you like, then 'SAVE for later'

  7. Come back to the service by logging in at any time, day or night

  If you are still unsure as to whether this service is right for you, then please contact us.

Willmaker's Register

$9.95 incl. GST


An essential accessory to every Will.


21 January, 2019

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Fantastic, very efficient service, took less than 30 minutes!

J.D. from Parramatta

I have found the process quite easy to use.  The main thing that's helped is how quick I can get through the process, not having to worry about appointments with Solicitors, etc.

C.M. from Sydney

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