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DIY Will

  • Produces a legally valid Will when you follow the plain English instructions

  • Easy step by step, onscreen guide tailored to your situation

  • Award winning program helps you quickly create your legally binding Will

  • No sifting through lengthy paper kits

  • Will is produced in minutes and emailed to you

  • 24 hour access from your PC - no travelling

DIY Will Single (Online version) $24.95 incl. GST

This service is being reviewed and is not available. Our apologies for any inconvenience.

The Legalmart online Will produces a legally valid Will when you follow the plain English instructions.  Quick and easy to complete, you are taken through the stages step by step, and asked to complete the information necessary for the program to build your Will.  You do not need to draft anything, your Will is built for you ready for you to sign and have witnessed.

Includes provision for selecting guardians for children, specific gifts, wishes about burial arrangements and a host of other options that cover the standard situations affecting married/de facto couples, divorced and single people.

Lawyer Support is also available as an optional extra throughout the service to answer 10 minutes of queries, check over your Will and store it, for $15.00.

DIY Will Couples (Online version) $34.95 incl. GST

This service is being reviewed and is not available. Our apologies for any inconvenience.

Get 2 DIY online Wills and save 50% on the second one.
Follow the link to test drive our DIY Will to get a quick overview of our award winning service and see how easy it is.


Included in Price

  • Completed Will ready for printing and signing

  • Instructions on how to sign

  • Software support

  • Lawyer Support is available for a small additional fee if required

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21 March, 2018

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I have found the process quite easy to use.  The main thing that's helped is how quick I can get through the process, not having to worry about appointments with Solicitors, etc.

C.M. from Sydney

Fantastic, very efficient service, took less than 30 minutes!

J.D. from Parramatta

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