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Welcome to Legalmart, DIY Legal Service!
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  • All services are legally approved and produce legally valid documents when the plain English instructions are followed

  • Interactive online program completes your forms and letters

  • Easy step by step guide tailored to your situation

  • Save Money

  • Winner 1999 IT & T Award

  • 24 hour access

  • Lawyer Support available for small additional fee if required

Choose from our wide range of DIY Will and Conveyancing Services:

All prices are inclusive of GST

DIY Legal Will (Single) online version $24.95
DIY Legal Will (Couples) online version $34.95  
DIY Legal Will (Single) Booklet/CD pack $26.95
(inc. postage)
DIY Legal Will (Couples) 2 Booklet/CD packs $36.95
(inc. postage)
Willmaker's Register $9.95
Children's Charter (Single) $19.95
Children's Charter (Double) $29.95

Online DIY Conveyancing
QLD Purchase of House/Land/Unit $129.00
QLD Sale of House/Land/Unit $129.00  
QLD Transfer of House/Land/Unit $129.00  
NSW Purchase of House/Land/Unit $129.00
NSW Sale of House/Land/Unit
(incl. Contract)


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21 January, 2019

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I was actually surprised at how easy it was.  I look forward to proceeding with the service through to the end.

G.K. from Mt Gravatt

Clever approach to providing legal services.  These days, I need to do these things out of hours or on weekends.

G.I. from Capalaba

When I have spoken to the customers who had used the Legalmart site they were very impressed.  The first one thought it was the easiest site he had seen and the concept was, as he put it - brilliant!

W.S. (Online Searcher)

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